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NBC Boston Ten " How Has Business Grown"

Five years ago, Massachusetts voters decided to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes for people 21+. Voters made their voices heard loud and clear that day, but state lawmakers essentially rewrote that law, and it was a couple more years after that until the sale of legal recreational pot. But in five years since the vote, how has the cannabis business grown? Exponentially. Massachusetts dispensaries have raked in a whole lot of money.

Yamba Market Now Hiring

For cannabis dispensary Yamba Market, hiring during COVID pandemic while waiting to open is a ‘complicated dance’

For Sieh Samura, the process of opening a cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts during the COVID-19 pandemic and while getting through the hurdles of the licensure process feels like a “complicated dance.”

Sieh Samura on Now This is News

The weed industry is struggling to attract people of color—and Sieh Samura has a good idea why.

Sieh Samura on GBH

Basic Black explores how do people of color fit into Massachusetts’ emerging cannabis industry. Tito Jackson, Sieh Samura, Kobie Evans and Kim Napoli joins the panel.

Purient in the Boston Globe

The marijuana industry is about to get sexier. A cannabis-infused lubricant is hitting dispensary shelves this week for the first time in Massachusetts, and the product’s creators hope it revolutionizes the way people think about marijuana.

Yamba Owners Sieh and Leah Samura in Boston Business Journal

Sieh and Leah Samura

Sieh “Chief” Samura and his wife Leah Samura could see the opportunity that cannabis delivery presented long before the state passed regulations for delivery licenses last year.

Yamba on NPR

Yamba Market on NPR

Legal Weed Is Gaining A Little Ground Among GOP Congressmen. U.S. Rep. Dave Joyce, R-Ohio, is co-sponsoring a GOP plan that would regulate marijuana like alcohol and enable the Department of Veterans Affairs to prescribe cannabis treatments to veterans.

Leah on Boston Business Journal

Leah Samura on Boston Busienss Journal

A month before cannabis-license exclusivity is set to expire in Cambridge, state data shows that not a single equity applicant has made it through the city or state licensing process to open. Internal documents show that Cambridge officials themselves contributed to the delay…

WBUR News talks to Yamba

On a sweltering morning in Harvard Square, Leah Samura strode through the future home of a recreational marijuana shop she plans to open this fall and marveled at the irony of the location: The store where she will soon sell legal pot was once a police station.

Coverage by Cambridge Day

Sieh Samura on Cambridge Day

A two-year head start for small cannabis sellers could be extended, now with financial assistance.
A two-year head start for recreational cannabis shops owned by “economic empowerment” applicants is near expiration without a single store able to open, leaving city councillors considering an extension – this time with financial support for the business owners.