Cambridge finally has a fully approved adult-use cannabis dispensary

Yamba Founders

More than five years after the state legalized cannabis for recreational use, Cambridge is finally getting its first adult-use dispensary. The state’s Cannabis Control Commission on Thursday approved a retailer license for Yamba Market, a Black-owned retailer based at 580 Mass Ave. The company, the first adult-use dispensary to get final licensure in Cambridge, plans […]

…Hiring during COVID pandemic while waiting to open is a ‘complicated dance’

Yamba Market Cannabis Dispensary

For Sieh Samura, the process of opening a cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts during the COVID-19 pandemic and while getting through the hurdles of the licensure process feels like a “complicated dance.” “Any one thing can set off and destroy your timeline and be extremely costly,” Samura said in an interview with MassLive. “So this is […]

Sieh on why the weed industry is struggling to attract people of color

Yamba Texture

The weed industry is struggling to attract people of color—and Sieh Samura has a good idea why. “[Weed] prohibition was violent,” he said. “And so they were violently discouraging people from basically having these businesses for a long time. And now they’re saying hey, come on. It’s ok now. You can trust us.” Samura is […]

Purient in the Boston Globe

The marijuana industry is about to get sexier. A cannabis-infused lubricant is hitting dispensary shelves this week for the first time in Massachusetts, and the product’s creators hope it revolutionizes the way people think about marijuana. Read More